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How to recover damages arising out of a traffic accident in criminal proceedings?
Kristina Kolchynska
31 July 2023

A civil claim, if properly reasoned, may be an effective mechanism for compensation of property and non-pecuniary damage caused by the wrongful actions of a convicted person.

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Crimes against humanity in Ukraine: Distinction from war crimes and challenges in bringing perpetrators to accountability
Kristina Kolchynska
19 April 2023

01. What is the difference between a war crime and a crime against humanity?
02. How to classify the actions of combatants under the CC of Ukraine: a war crime or a crime against humanity?
03. Who bears criminal liability for these crimes?
04. Who will investigate, prosecute, and administer justice?

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The main amendments to criminal law and procedure during martial law: November-December 2022 and January 2023
Igor Glushko, Kristina Kolchynska
20 February 2023

01. The Criminal Code of Ukraine has been amended with a new ground for commuting a sentence of imprisonment
02. Ukraine has acceded to the Convention on Extradition
03. Criminal liability for torture has been toughened
04. The closing of criminal proceedings under Article 284 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine has been amended
05. Criminal liability for committing certain military criminal offenses has been toughened
06. The Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine has been amended to protect the rights and interests of a child in case of detention or custody of his or her parents

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Amendments to criminal law and procedure during martial law from July to October 2022
Kristina Kolchynska
08 November 2022

01. Provisions on conducting a pre-trial investigation during martial law have been amended.
02. To servicemen suspected of committing certain crimes during martial law shall only be applied custody as a measure of restraint.
03. The procedure for the exchange of a suspect, accused, or convict as a prisoner of war has been established.
04. A cooperation mechanism has been established between the competent authorities of Ukraine and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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