Articles of GOLAW attorneys
Liability for not declaring and concealing the assets: what does the law provide for?
Igor Glushko
12 October 2021

Prosecuting officials for undeclared assets was almost the most scandalous topic of 2020-2021. It is only a matter of time whether Law No. 1531-IX of 29.06.2021 will be the last in a series of reforms, which are systematic and have been going on for many years. We now propose an analysis of the changes in legislation in this area over the past year.

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What should i do if i’m wanted by Interpol?
Igor Glushko
20 December 2021

Putting a person on an international wanted list is one of the most common tools for abuse in criminal cases, especially in relation with the so-called “white-collar workers”.

Most commonly, persons do not even know that they are wanted by Interpol, and only find out about it when crossing the border, when they are already detained.

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Criminal liability for collaboration with the russian federation
Igor Glushko
01 April 2022

On March 15, 2022, Laws of Ukraine which introduce criminal liability for cooperation with the aggressor state in the information, educational, political, military, and other spheres entered into force.

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